See what my clients are saying about me and how i have changed their lives for the better…

Laurie is fantastically inspiring in every possible way. Her knowledge of nutrition is both extensive and excellently passed on, making it easily relatable. She has changed my outlook on food forever and made me realise what I put in my mouth will affect the way I feel.
— Giles, Copenhagen

I met Laurie around a half a year ago and words can’t express how grateful I am for that day. I arranged a consultation with that gorgeous lady because my body was telling me it needed to be looked after. She did that, I have been such a journey with her, looking after my thyroid health, hormonal health, sports nutrition and skin health. I am so grateful for her guidance and education.
— Ania, Poland

Laurie has changed my life! Before I met her I struggled for years with constipation, bloating and tiredness. I put it down to a busy life and my family! I took daily medication and suffered when I ate certain foods. I have never had any food allergies or issues before but in the last few years, especially since having my son, it seemed to be getting worse.

After completing a food diary, cutting out certain foods and chatting with Laurie she diagnosed that I have an intolerant to gluten and should avoid dairy. I was very nervous about following this new diet as I’m not a very good cook nor did I enjoy it! Laurie was great, very encouraging and supportive. She gave me loads or recipes. Now I love cooking! I cook everything from scratch even make up my own recipes. My husband is very impressed!
— Charlotte Mara-Patterson, London

I have been using The Nutrition Tree for sometime now. I thought that I was really educated when it comes to nutrition as part of my Job role is healthy eating promotion. How wrong was I? Laurie has enlightened me considerably!
Not only do I feel so much better mentally but physically too! I have been suffering with chronic illness for several years (M.E) and working with Laurie has had a significant impact in my recovery, I will forever be indebted to her.
— Samantha, South Wales

After 20 years of hay fever (and eczema on and off, since pregnancy) a Consultation with Laurie was overdue! She advised, guided and supported me through an elimination diet, teaching me loads on the way. I no longer suffer any of the hay fever symptoms and the eczema cleared ...It was an enlightening and life changing journey and a huge relief. So very grateful to Laurie, I encourage family and friends to consider nutritional therapy with Laurie too!
— Sharon Ortiz, London

Laurie has been the most amazing support to me in my journey to stop steroid creams and heal my Eczema through natural nutrition! I have learnt life lessons on food I eat, and she was always a wonderfully calm and kind voice on the end of the phone whenever I needed her! Thank you Laurie
— Bethany, Oxford