Nutritional consultation

At the Nutrition Tree, we understand the vital impact a healthy lifestyle has on your health. Health is an inside job, and food is a huge component to providing you with the necessary vitamins, minerals to fuel your engine correctly. However, with our busy lifestyles, it is easy for this to become imbalanced. 

What to expect from your consultation.

Before your first appointment, you will be asked to complete a detailed health, nutrition and lifestyle questionnaire. The information that you provide allows the nutritional therapist to consider your health concerns and prepare for your consultation in advance. This means you get the most out of your time together.

During your initial consultation – which lasts up to 90 minutes – the therapist will get a more detailed overview of your life, including your health and family history, current health concerns, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Other lifestyle factors will be taken into account, and they will assess your personal requirements of key nutrients and whether they are being met within your existing diet. You will also discuss any imbalances in the major bodily systems such as digestive, immune, cardiovascular or hormonal. At this time you will see whether your body has a toxic load that needs clearing. The therapist will then create a personalised nutrition plan tailored to your individual needs, goals and lifestyle. Dietary supplements and non-evasive clinical tests may be recommended to ascertain any suspected underlying conditions. The recommendation of non-invasive clinical tests, to help ascertain any suspected underlying conditions related to your symptoms. Further recommendations of any additional therapies that may benefit you will also be given.

Each follow-up consultation will last between 30 – 45 minutes where you will discuss progress made from the previous consultation and make changes to ensure you’re on track to achieving your goals. It will also be used to discuss any test results received from your GP or private functional tests through the Nutrition Tree. Your 1st follow-up consultation will be between 4/6 weeks following your initial appointment. You will have unlimited access to me via email or text between our consultations.

Nutritional Packages


Turmeric Juice

"Getting Started"     

£275 / 2750DKK

Initial 1-to-1 90 minute Skype Consultation

Health Questionnaire Interpretation

Personalised Health Plan

1 follow-up Consultation

Email and text support between consultations

5% off Supplements Ordered.

Package valid for 3 months


"standard package" 

£420 / 4200DKK

Initial 1-to-1 90 minute Skype Consultation

Health Questionnaire Interpretation

Personalised Health Plan

3 follow-up consultations

Email and text support between consultations

5% off Supplements Ordered

Package valid for 12 months


"Full Health Package"

£1645/ 16450DKK

Initial 1-to-1 90 minute Skype Consultation

Comprehensive diet and lifestyle analysis

3 follow-up consultations

DNALife genetic testing and interpretation

Profile test with 40 Amino Acids is a combination of analyses that measures levels of organic acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, with a specific focus on amino acid absorption and imbalances.

Payment in 4 instalments

Package valid for 12 months

additional services we offer

Alongside nutritional therapy, we offer

Functional and Genetic testing

to give you deeper insight into your body’s blueprint including any conditions you may be more susceptible to. 

Neurogenomics is a powerful way to support your health and wellbeing with dietary, lifestyle and nutritional supplement programmes targeted to your individual genetic make-up. The enzymes that enable chemical reactions in our bodies are coded for by genes. Nutrient cofactors are necessary for the enzymes to work properly. Where we may have a genetic variation the corresponding enzyme may be less efficient and may be supported by having a good supply of the nutrient cofactor (or cofactors) to help bring back balance and efficiency in the biochemical processes that allow us to generate energy, heal damaged tissue, fight disease, grow and reproduce.


The emerging field of neurogenomics embodies the principle of bio-individuality.  Genetic testing reveals the basis of your biochemistry and offers an exciting alternative to the outdated wisdom that one-size-fits all.


Knowing your genetic make-up is only part of the puzzle. Unless you’re able to simplify all that complex information into something tangible, you’re left wondering how on earth you’re going to prevent the increased risk of cardiovascular particular gene might suggest you have.


As a DNALife practitioner I can translate DNA test results into practical nutritional and lifestyle plans that improve your health and wellness. This truly is personalised nutrition with no second guessing.

Detox Plans

packages if appropriate for you.

Menu Planning

This service is appropriate for any individual who wants to ensure optimal daily intake of nutrients for themselves or family, as well as for those who are responsible for the nutrition of groups, such as nurseries, schools and care homes.  We will review and analyse current meals and take the time to understand what works for you and what doesn’t. And when we know we’ve fully understood your requirements, we’ll design menus that ensure optimal nutrition, whilst considering cost restrictions, preferences, feasibility and individual needs.

For detailed information about our available treatments, or to discuss a particular issue or concern please drop me an email.