We offer a selection of online programmes that have been designed to tackle some of the most common health issues around today. Consisting of products, questionnaires, food plans, recipes, webinars, exercise programmes and daily motivational videos. They provide an integrated and streamlined approach to supporting client’s health concerns within a specified timeframe and deliver some truly impressive results. Guidance can also be provided for long-term support to ensure that the benefits are sustained. 

Why Detox?            

It’s virtually impossible to live a toxin-free life. Modern living exposes us to a multitude of chemicals and toxins on a daily basis, which puts extra stress on the body. Luckily we have a great system for dealing with the daily onslaught, and that’s the liver. Your liver is responsible for processing both external and internally produced toxins so that they can be safely eliminated from the body. But we need to make sure that it works properly, by giving it all the materials it needs to function optimally.Your liver relies on a number of essential nutrients, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. That rate at which the liver processes toxins is determined by both genetics and lifestyle. If the process is put under pressure (by exposure to too many toxins) the system becomes unbalanced and the liver will be unable to effectively eliminate the toxins. This can lead to symptoms of toxic overload, which may include:

•     Allergies and sensitivities (to things that previously didn’t cause a problem)

•     Low mood

•     Aches and pains

•     Brain fog

•     Memory and concentration problems

•     Headaches

•     Skin rashes

By consuming key nutrients, and at the same time reducing exposure to toxins, you can help to support your liver function and avoid some of the problems caused by ongoing toxic overload.


What is Detoxification?

Detoxification is a critical on-going process for achieving and maintaining health in the body. It involves the elimination of substances which are poisonous for which the body has no further constructive use. The goal is to remove toxic substances from the body and assist organs that normally perform detox functions. These organs include the liver, bowel, kidney, skin and lungs. Today our body is exposed to more and more toxic substances – in the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and the materials surrounding us like paints, carpeting and dyes. Advocates believe that therapeutic detox cleanses the body, increases vitamin and mineral absorption, purifies the blood, reduces blood fat levels, reduces symptoms of toxicity, rejuvenates the body and rests the organs. It is also believed that this therapy clears the skin, enhances the senses, aids in weight loss, slows aging and improves fertility and flexibility.


10-day Simple Detox



Your Detox Experience is an opportunity to let go of accumulated physical, emotional and psychological toxins and to find new ways of being. It is time to relax and focus purely on you. We trust that this is the start to new beginnings for you and that this detox experience will be the catalyst for positive lifelong change.

Our simple cleanse 10 day detox plan is a great introduction to detoxing. If this is your first time or if you’re looking for a gentle detox then this is perfect for you.  The programme has been designed to increase energy, improve cellular health and function and aid weight loss.

This 10-day plan includes menu planner, pre and post detox advice, shopping list, organic, a comprehensive food list, food, juice and smoothie recipes, supplements and Facebook/email/whatsapp support.

For deeper a cleanse add “The Detox Box” (below) which will include coconut oil, body brush, Epsom bath salts, fluoride free toothpaste and Neal’s yard cosmetics.

Ibiza Juice.jpg

14-day Metabolic Detox



This 14 day detox programme has been designed to increase energy, improve cellular health and function, help weight loss, improve healthy ageing, sleep and give the liver a kick start thus reducing toxic load.

What is involved?

The programme uses a specific supplement regime and targeted food plan, which focuses on cutting out alcohol, caffeine, dairy and gluten.  Prior to the programme commencing you will receive the required 5 supplements and an information pack that includes  - An ‘allowed foods’ food list, recipes, menu planners, workbook, supplements, shopping list and a list of helpful FAQ's. 

This is not another calorie controlled diet but one that incorporates the right foods. This gives you a chance to develop a new relationship with food and include ingredients you may not normally use while experimenting with new recipes.

For deeper a cleanse add “The Detox Box” (below) which will include coconut oil, body brush, Epsom bath salts, fluoride free toothpaste and Neal’s yard cosmetics.


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The Detox Box


This detox box includes my favourites 

 For a deeper cleanse add “The Detox Box” to your programme. The box includes coconut oil for Daily Oil Pulling, body brush to improve circulation, Epsom bath salts to draw toxins from the body, fluoride free toothpaste and Neal’s yard organic cosmetics