My Story

We all have a story, and I’d like to share mine with you.


My passion for understanding food as medicine began in my mid 20’s when after years of unresolved gut issues, I decided to look at natural ways to address my troubles and find alternative ways to alleviate the pain.

I was only 24 years old and felt I could take on the world but my career in events and the end of a long-term relationship was a breaking point for me. My work demanded long hours with very little sleep, I drank a lot of coffee and ate heavy carbs to satisfy my energy cravings. This led to adrenal fatigue and burn-out which now makes sense to me.

I sensibly quit my job and took 3 months off to recuperate both mentally and physically. It was around this time that I picked up my first natural medicine book, aptly called “food is medicine”. The words really resonated with me and started to incorporate this new way of eating into my life.

It wasn’t until my late 20’s that I made the life changing decision to study nutrition at the College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Throughout my studies my health began to improve, the people I met opened up a whole new world to me with a new found appreciation of self-care. I began to heal my gut through dietary intervention and using the right supplements. When the stomach issues disappeared, my anxiety also disappeared- I am living testament that the gut really is our second brain. I have not experienced a panic attack since I healed my gut.

I now work with people to help them to feel better both physically and mentally using nutrition and lifestyle changes as my tools. My personal journey has led me to help others make the right choices. It honestly gives me no greater pleasure to support people on their journey of change.

I am a member of the British Association For Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) and registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), which is supported by the Department of Health. I am also a Functional Medicine Practitioner (IFM)..

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